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Welcome to the Knights of the Red Dragon (Akai Ryu) legion website. 

Akai Ryu was originally started on the Ariel server 1 month after launch by Mizuho a cleric. The legion started as a family legion of just myself, my husband and our daughter, then eventually more joined the family. As the servers merged and our "extended" family stopped playing we decided to transfer to Zikel. In our new home we thought as well to keep as a family legion and again more joined us. 

We are now a level 3 legion with a large family now. Most of our members are either alts or they are no longer playing due to school schedules and work. We are looking forward to having new members among our ranks and eventually becoming one big happy family. 

I decided to go with the name Akai Ryu one day when I was watching a movie called "Red Dragon" with Anthony Hopkins as lead actor. lol At the time most legions on the Ariel server was <color> Dragon. I wanted to be different though and so I had Red Dragon translated to Japanese. For the picture that represents the Dragon it took me almost over a year to find it. But due to the size of the lettering its a bit small and hard to see if at all. So I'm a bit attached to that little dragon. ^^  

We hope that with this site our legion mates can all keep in touch, ask questions, and come up with suggestions of possible legion activities. Even if those activities are just helping others with completing campaigns and regular quests. 

Welcome to the Akai Ryu family, happy hunting and enjoy!


From Honeybunnie and myself, WELCOME TO KNIGHTS OF THE RED DRAGON (AKAI RYU) and to our website!
Ariel/Siel Server (2009-2010)
Bunnie started playing on the day of launch, 9/22/2009, and I made my own account shortly after on 10/12/2009.  My first character went by the name of "Cacal" which still is a Elyos Cleric on the Ariel server.  Since the server merge, he was renamed to "Edwardnerk" and his looks and height was modified for game purposes. 

Zikel Server (2010 - today)
Upon our arrival to our new home and all transfers were complete, with a small delay with Edwardnerk, I made a new character "Maeling" on 8/3/2010 since I felt that my first Cleric wasn't going anywhere level wise. She exceeded all expectations before 2010 ended and broke legion and family records.  Maeling was the first of my characters to break the level 35 mark in 30 days.  She reached level 38.  By the end of September, she reached level 42 and had already participated in Steel Rake which was something that my first character never did.  By the end of October, Mae reached level 45.  By the end of November, level 50.  She was our family first character to ever reach this level.  Never before did I think I would ever have one in Balaurea.  A big surprise with Maeling was reaching level 55 on 12/31/2010. 

What we do is What we do

Since the launch of 2.0 on 9/2010, we have participated in fortress raids and fortress defenses.  We have also captured artifacts in the lower abyss to help our faction win the fortresses in the lower abyss. 

We participate in various group campaigns as well as server group raids and defenses in The Abyss, Atreia, and in Balaurea. 

However, if you rather solo but need help, we'll be there for you too. 

We look forward to seeing you in game and thank you for joining us here at our website and Welcome to our family legion. 


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